Own brand "baby's song"

The brand of first shoes using Japanese paper "baby's song"

Since ancient times, Washi has been used as shoji and shoji in Japanese houses.The shoji has excellent breathability and moisture absorption, and is less susceptible to outside air due to its low thermal conductivity, so it is also excellent in thermal insulation.
With just one shoji, it was cool in summer, warm in winter, and comfortable in the room.This feature is perfect for baby shoes that gently protect the sweaty baby's feet.

When I heard japanese paper, I thought, "Why don't you get wet or rub and break it right away?"You may feel uneasy, but don't worry.The wear strength of Japanese paper is stronger than cotton canvas.


Deodorant performance of Japanese paper cloth

The Manila hemp fiber, which is the raw material for Japanese paper cloth for baby shoes, is a natural porous material.Each fiber has countless small holes in sight.
This small hole is the reason for the high breathability and quick-drying of water absorption.The low thermal conductivity and the fact that the material itself is difficult to heat storage also helps to suppress steaming.The material itself has the power to adjust the temperature and humidity in the shoe.

In addition, because this countless hole has the effect of adsorbing the smell like binchotan, it suppresses the diffusion of the smell even if I wear it barefoot.
So to speak, washi cloth, a natural air purifier, always keeps the environment in the shoes comfortable.
Washable Japanese paper cloth can be washed with water.Because of the physical limitations of deodorant performance, the accumulation of sweat salt and waste in the insole can cause odors to occur.
If you start to worry about the smell, it is recommended that you remove the insole and wash it with water.Just wash with lukewarm water or a neutral detergent, and the deodorant performance will recover as well as new.
Because it is not a functionality that has been chemically added later, performance does not fall even if washing is piled up.This is a big feature of Japanese paper cloth using natural materials.

Reliable sewing technology

In the hope of healthy growth of babies, we carefully cut, sew, and inspect each and every other piece of Japanese paper cloth.