Baby shoes manufacturing

Features of our baby shoes

We measure the foot mold of hundreds of babies and mass-produce them with the most appropriate last (shoe mold) created based on them.
Since babies stand in balance by moving their toes, it is important to make room for the toe of shoes to be worn for the first time to move the toes.
In addition, it is necessary to maintain a moderate hardness without being too hard and not too soft.

It is important to choose shoes that match the growth stage for baby shoes.

HAI-HAI Baby (0 to 1 year old)

It is time to learn to support your weight with your feet.
The foot bone to the joint is soft and unfinished.
It is a flat state from the sole.
The shoes with a shape that wraps the entire foot from The Choice are good.

The upper will be suitable for soft milling, piles, etc.Genuine leather is also recommended.
You can wear it without difficulty even if you are a baby with high armor that can be adjusted with a magic belt.
It is good that the axe is not too hard and not too soft.The bottom material is equipped with PVC or non-slip using genuine leather, which is ideal for when the baby stands up.

YOCHI-YOCHI Walking Baby (1 to 2 years old)

It is a time when it becomes active, and it does not sit still.
The fat of the foot bone to the ankle begins to fall, and it approaches the foot of the adult a little.
The arch which forms the sole to the foot without stepping on the ground begins to be made.
Shoes that help stable walking is the best and the heel material is good hardness shoes that are easy to balance the body and help the stability of the walking is good.

The upper is recommended for milling etc.
The shape that fits the entire foot in the type that the main body and the belt are integrated is appropriate.
The heel is moderatehard, and a light synthetic rubber sole that can walk outside is good.

TOKO-TPKO walking baby (about 2 to 3 years old)

It is time to walk around and run freely from the state.
The foot bone to The Achilles tendon develops and becomes an adult-like heel.
The soles of the legs and arches form close to adults.
It is good to wear shoes that are firm and protect the toe, and that the heel is hard and supports the ankle and fits properly even if it moves actively.

The upper is a standard use such as mesh, canvas.
It is recommended that the whole Achilles is wrapped in a high cut, and the comb is stiff and supports the inner part for a long time.
Because rubber is wound around the bottom, it is safe even if it runs out freely.

★ one of the most common foot deformity in infancy causes external anti-flat feet due to anadduction to the foot.In order to prevent the adductor of the foot, a medial counter with a long inner part is effective.

Oem mass production flow

Provide the pattern information of baby shoes to the customer or the customer to choose the original design , the fabric color, etc. – order – delivery date contact – cutting – sewing – lassteering molding – inspection process