January 1963 Tsuneo Kamei built a factory in Mino-cho, Mitoyo-gun, Kagawa Prefecture to manufacture baby shoes and children's shoes, and established Maruei Textile Co., Ltd.
Started manufacturing baby and children's shoes as a cooperative factory of Fukusuke Co., Ltd. when the company was established with a capital of 4 million yen.
August 1970 Established Kyushu Kasei Co., Ltd. as a manufacturing plant for baby and children's shoes in Miyakoshiro City, Miyazaki Prefecture, jointly with Fukusuke Co., Ltd.Capital 20 million yen
May 1978 Changed the company name from Maruei Textile Co., Ltd. to Maruei Co., Ltd.Increased capital to 13.5 million.
May 1980 Construction of a new factory due to the aging of the head office factory.
April, 1988 Construction of a new warehouse due to the aging of the head office warehouse.
December 1996 Ryoji Kamei became the second president.
March 1997 Started overseas production of children's shoes.
April 2001 Established oem production sales department and started business for major manufacturers and mass retailers.
June 2003 In response to the collapse of Fukusuke Co., Ltd., the company was closed after the operation of Kyushu Chemical Co., Ltd. in Miyakoshiro City, Miyazaki Prefecture was canceled.
July 2013 Tokyo sales office opened.
January 2014 Equipment was introduced to the head office factory, and OEM production of children's clothing women's clothing started.