About Us

Company name Maruei Co., Ltd.
Headquarters address: Zip 767-0032
2023 Shimotakase, Mino Town, Mitoyo City, Kagawa Prefecture1
Tel: 0875-72-4105 Fax: 0875-72-3739
Established. January 1963
Capital 13.5 million yen
Representative Ryoji Kamei, President and CEO
Description of business Shoe planning and sales for infants and children Children women's clothing sewing processing
Main sales item Infant, Children's Shoes Children's Clothing Women's Clothing
Production bases Japan and China
Number of employees 30
Main business partners
  • ARAGIN Co., Ltd.
  • Itochu Textile Trading Co., Ltd.
  • Souris Co., Ltd. (Soury)
  • DESCENTE Co., Ltd.
  • Nakanishi Co., Ltd.
  • Narumiya International Co., Ltd.
  • Hida Industry Co., Ltd.
  • Fukusuke Co., Ltd.
  • BEBE Co., Ltd.
  • MIKISHOKO Co., Ltd.

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